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Festival for Change - Empowering natural health, wellness, mindfulness, fitness and the outdoors


Empowerment Retreat creating breakthrough results and momentum for your human potential, personal happiness, career and business success


Helping unlock your human potential and achieve personal, business and career results.

There are those moments that you just let slip away, and then there are those where you step up and take your destiny in our own hands and make your moments timeless. You don't always have an opportunity to shine in the glory of being all you can be because golden opportunities just don't come around often. Make your life a magical one when you're given the chance.. because time waits for no one.

The Powermastery Empowerment Retreat takes place at Festival for Change (Friday - Sunday, April 28 - 30, 2017). Hosted in the luxurious Gideon Putnam Resort. This full three day nexus for change delivers relevant practical activities and experiential learning to move you past limiting beliefs, procrastination, anxiety, fears and blocks to create new bold productive habits, a healthy lifestyle and undaunted focus and determination.

Workshops leaders have made incredible strides in their own lives, and have helped the many others arrive at their destination without the baggage. Success icons, life masters and leading wellness gurus provide hands-on experience based workshops to get you out of your own way, live more mindfully and enjoy more from what you can achieve.

Sampling of workshop leaders:

Dave Farrow, two time Guinness World Record winner will increase and help you tap into your brain's hidden talents to achieve more and get more done in less time. He memorized 59 decks of cards, and read 103 books in one month!

Fran Capo, international television celebrity, six times Guinness World Record winner,  author of 16 books, Friar's Club inductee, and comedian guides you to where you need to be in getting out of your own way so you can too achieve record breaking results and momentum.

Donna Drake, CBS television producer, show host, and philanthropist shares her amazing formula for to follow your passion despite challenges to ultimately create hope, motivation and inspiration within your lifetime.

Karen Garvey, three time author (Answers; Begin Here; and Money Wisdom) intuitive, and professional speaker teaches you how to discover your path to fulfillment. Long Island intuitive shares with you our purpose on earth and how to use universal truth to live a very happy life. 

Dr. Mandan Bali, Yoga for Taming the Mind author and creator of unique yoga method of asanas, pranayama, bandhas, and kriyas puts you in touch with your body's own self-referral feedback system to help reverse damage caused by stress, unhealthy habits, poor diet and negative emotions.

GP Walsh, Inner Reconciliation author endorsed by Jack Canfield and John Grey, takes you through how to end inner conflict through self acceptance and understanding. You will restore a sense of wholeness by bringing yourself to a place of unconditional love. The way to listing peace is stunningly simple. GP helps build your path.

Dug McGuirk, Anthony Robbins' performance strategist, breakthrough facilitator and certified NLP practitioner unlocks your potential, shows you how to achieve goals and eliminate fear from your life and design one that once seemed out of reach, and gives you the tools to break free of emotional and physical addictions.

Dr. Theresa Schmidt, Author, Reiki master, President of Educise Resources, and physical therapist shares how to heal and create a stronger physical self by combining traditional and integrative holistic medical therapies including precision physical exercise and manual therapy.

LisaMarie Tersigni, Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Tune Into Wellness TV host, Nutrition Educator, and Reiki Research Professional. Connects you with a holistic and balanced lifestyle to energize the results in your life while being able to enjoy more, and more often. 

Stephanie Giroux, International Change Management and Transformation Leadership Keynote Speaker. Helps you create the tools to better understand who you so you can more effectively find your personal landmarks while finding balance and living with authenticity.

Plus other notables to engage you, inspire you, transform you, and take you to places you've yet to arrive!


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