Reconnect to your vitality, tap into more energy and vibrancy
Mind, Body and Spirit


Look withing to find the answers you seek
Holistic & naturopathic health, healing  & Chinese medicine

Diet & Fitness

Workshops for better diet, nutrition and fitness
Diet, nutrition & fitness for a life on your own terms


Become a vendor at Festival For Change
Exhibitor/Healer/Coach Registration: 'FestivalVIP75' $75.00 Off



Learn how to conquer depression, loneliness, despair, suicidal thoughts
Find meaning, purpose & power of love, get rid of procrastination & anxiety by being connected


Get Results

Retreat Guest

The Power to Transform
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Be a Coach

Connect with nature and the earth
Be a successful Healer, Coach, Integrative Practitioner


Music restores and invigorates the soul.
Music & Movement Invigorates The Soul And Frees The Spirit

Spa State Park

Woods, streams, tall pines, mineral springs and more
Nature, health & spiritual renewal at outdoor Festival


Empower your human potential at Powermastery Empowerment Retreat
Empower your human potential and create results in one weekend

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Festival for Change & Powermastery Empowerment Retreat Flier


Powermastery Empowerment Retreat
Transform your life. Breakthrough procrastination. Get better bigger results. Feel more satisfied and at peace with what you do and who you are. Live a healthier, loving and fulfilled life. Live your dreams.


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Good News Planet
Making the world a better place
Interviews with wellness gurus
Donna Drake, Host for Live It Live TV Show
CBS Affiliate Transforming Lives

Wellness Partners

Trent Millet
Trent, Saratoga Water Witch

Mastermind Retreat in the Poconos

Saratoga Springs Holistic Bazaar

Peer Momentum Success Circles
Accountability, networking, results