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Festival for Change & Powermastery Empowerment Retreat

Natural Health, Wellness, Fitness and Higher Consciousness

Friday – Sunday, April 28 – 30, 2017

In cooperation with:

· Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce · Saratoga Convention & Tourism Bureau
· Gideon Putnam Resort · Saratoga Spa State Park
· I Love New York Tourism  



Friday – Sunday, April 28 – 30, 2017

Are you sick of the lack of options you have regarding your health, wellness, emotional state, or want to improve your personal and business life but just can’t seem to find straight forward no nonsense and clear solutions?

Discover faster, safer and more effective ways to living a life, rather than surviving one. From what you will learn hands-on while at the event –  without the fluff. Enjoy life from the inside out, holistically and organically, and within a single weekend whether it is about your diet, your youth and vitality, mindset, overall health or condition you’ll find the tools and insight to create the results you seek right here.

We have assembled world record holders who have accomplished the unimaginable, professionals who are respected and looked to for solutions and answers, those who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of truth and transparency in health and wellness, and those who find mindfulness and exude peace and harmony even in the toughest of times. This Retreat faculty who will help you create the awareness, process, structure and formula needed for you to empower your life, achieve amazing results, and create a space for health, wellness and healing from the inside out whether you’re seeking clarity and answers to personal life, business, career or relationships.

Indoor and Outdoor Festival/Retreat
Festival to promote natural holistic health, wellness, fitness and mindfulness while empowering your human potential and results

Festival for Change is a FREE outdoor festival, and Powermastery Empowerment Retreat is an indoor/outdoor multi program hands-on workshop with over 16 presenters.

These springboards improve and empower your life through experiential education, insights and inspiration from world record holders, healers, thought leaders, health and wellness professionals, TV celebrities, top selling authors and a community of like-minded souls sharing in the hopes and dreams that there is always a better way if you are willing to open your mind and heart to possibility.

The Festival (Complimentary)

  • Meet respected health and wellness leaders who share their insights and inspiration
  • Meditation and yoga to organically begin or continue your path to holistic health and wellness
  • Wellness presentations to unlock the space where your possibility percolates
  • Music and performance programs to boost your high vibrational energy up
  • Exhibits and workshops on how to experience more peace, serenity, mindfulness, and wellness
  • Holistic activities for children and families
  • Conservation and ecology
  • Hiking and outdoor recreation – guided hikes, how to get started, where, and an equipment swap area


Powermastery’s Empowerment Retreat (Fee):

To be human is being connected to other humans in meaningful ways
Arriving As Strangers, We Depart As Family and Friends
  • Life changing insights from masters of state change and world record holders who have excelled beyond okay
  • How to become more mindful and courageous even when opposing forces tell you otherwise
  • Get the inside information and insights on little known life and health strategies
  • Innovative processes and alternatives to potentially harmful methods to medical health
  • Bringing out your higher consciousness and freeing your spirit to help you soar
  • Important life hacks using diet, nutrition, and fitness as a first line of defense for health and recovery
  • Creating an unstoppable belief that what you fear and believe impossible is I’mPossible.

If you ever experienced:

  • Procrastination
  • Chronic pain and suffering
  • Loss of purpose
  • Loss of love or connection
  • Negative or destructive addictions or habits
  • Challenging health issues
  • A sense of helplessness or low self esteem
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

If you desire to:

  • Find a sense of purpose
  • Discover new, effective, and non-intrusive solutions to regaining health and wellness
  • Unlock an undaunted courage and build confidence
  • Find peace and happiness without strings
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment
  • Take control of your life
  • Looking at challenges as positive opportunities while celebrating your wins
  • Desire to help others as healer, practitioner, guide or healthcare giver


If this means something to you, then Festival for Change & Powermastery Empowerment weekend is for you!

Shamanic leaders, eastern medicine providers, allied health professionals, nutritionists, lifestyle leaders, ultra fitness athletes, world record holders, light and spiritual guides, artists, performers, and more from throughout the country will guide you through practical experiences to:

  • Master your life detours
  • Bring all that is out of control back into some semblance of sanity and
  • Help others heal, transform and evolve.
Life is to be lived in the union of our most exhaulted presence to belong, conenct and contribute
Life at the top

The Retreat is 80% experiential, not long boring lectures or diatribes, nor people talking at you! It redefines traditional modalities making your  experience memorable with results driven while at the Retreat.

Saratoga is famous for its legendary mineral spa baths, mineral springs known for medicinal properties that percolate with organically pure untreated, carbonated spring water free for you to drink, geysers, mineral springs, and hiking trails. Saratoga is a vibrant and alive town complete with restaurants and inviting boutiques, the Saratoga Thoroughbred Race course and Casino.

Many are beginning to realize if they or their loved ones are unwell or in pain there is no amount of money that will make you or them happy. We bring together a collective village of healers, wellness leaders, and allied health professionals who are sharing their insights and information with you to provide you organic and holistic avenues to your health and wellness while freeing  your spiritual energy through holistic, complementary, augmented and allied health.

Return visitors year after year
They return year after year. Loyalty says something about you and what you offer

Living in the here and now, being mindful, being alive, being present in your own life and for others, and living a life filled with wellness, health and spirit..

Festival for Change (the “Festival“), a FREE major public outdoor festival taking place at Saratoga Spring Spa State Park and runs Saturday through Sunday, April 29 – 30, 2017.

It is also host to the Powermastery Retreat (the “Retreat“), an indoor/outdoor experiential multi-program and multi-presenter weekend long workshop experience running from Friday – Sunday, April 28 – 30, 2017, to elevate your mastery of life, live more mindfully and fully, improve health and engage your life on one of wellness through various modalities including nutrition, weight loss, diet, mental well being, love, dealing with addictive habits and behaviors, spiritual alignment, awareness, action based learning, and fitness.


Time tested, refined and defined. What we know for sure is talk is cheap.

Carson Tang, the founder and producer for the Retreat and Festival, follows the philosophy of under promising and over delivering. Built upon a formula that creates  massive internal shifts, tangible and immediate personal change, his events, workshops, and experiences deliver unforgettable milestones into your life. These platforms are a springboard for you to integrate resources, skills, and new found abilities into your life.

Powermastery is more than an event, its an experience
Life out loud is living fully, compassionately and with few limits

Refined over decades of producing transformational retreats and programs; along with 30+ years of experience with event based learning, Carson marries your emotional states with the pragmatic resources you can conjure from his unique and life affirming hands-on activities and events. “There is no greater pleasure for me than to be part of the positive transformation of this ‘peace’ of life on this pebble we call Earth beginning with one soul, one spirit, at a time.” Carson Tang.

Without the guidance of available parents who had to work long hours at more than one job, Carson was set on a course to learn from experience with what he was able to discover and craft on his own or those he interacted with throughout his life. His first foray into the workforce was in 1st grade helping stock shelves in a supermarket.

More importantly, what he learned from decades of seeking his own path without knowing it, was people expect results. People respect you in you at least try. People care more about what you do than what you say.

Through out a challenging lifelong search for meaning Carson connected with many mentors, friends and the guardians of the universe who were kind enough to share their insight, inspiration, and mentorship. Bringing this all together he has given back to the universe and community through what are the ginormous legacies his been involved and built including those attracting up to 30,000 supporters in a single day, and events where you’ll find repeat guests year after year.

Bottomline, your life is a reality that is the making, it is one that you can design, it is one you can influence. Carson’s events are for those who are searching for more out of life, seeking meaning in what they do, for those who have had or have life challenges, those who have barriers to overcome, and those who have a dream, and a belief that life is much better on the other side of where they are now.. and there is a way to get there, and they may even know how, but have not started, or may just need some missing links in the process they are using to arrive.

Accordingly, because Carson never had the opportunity early in life he believes being a lightning rod for bringing life experiences that will reshape, purge a cluttered mind for thinking, to rekindle the soul, you’ll find many of the his local based events connecting person to spirit in the outdoors are completely free charge.

Connect with you spiritual essence
Discover Yourself Through Nature

His extended events involving overnights, or involving leading authorities and mentors, are built on a platform poised for providing the guests with a staging area for tangible results rather than a nebulous talking head based program more concerned with the price tag. These programs are unequaled in their cost, and approach in how meticulous they are to provide you with an experience and immersion that begins your process and transformation right at the event or activity.

After years of serving a hungry public whom seek answers, solutions and positive change; what matters most from the inside out and to the improvement and achievement a higher level of health, wellness and higher consciousness the Retreat at Saratoga Springs is set in motion to help you create dramatic change.

Carson, found no reason why you should needlessly suffer or struggle when there are so many choices to take. To this day he refuses to see health and wellness as a singular and linear path. There are areas that are unexplained yet are shown to work. We cannot know everything, and we don’t.. and neither do the people you entrust your physical and mental health to.

If you ever searched for answers to health questions for challenges that have had little hope of resolving? So has Carson. After a few dead ends, years of research and events that have brought together leading authorities in the wellness community, it was clear there was a better way than a magic pill that may work but also may require you to take it rest of your life. Why would anyone do that when diet and exercise could achieve the same results without feeding your body quick fixes that create codependency for the rest of your life, and may also have negative side effects.

Fear not what others think of your inner light and voice
Awaken your inner spirit

The answer for how you can curtail the myths and bring to light the driving force that influences your life, habits and wellness is to engage the choices available to you. We provide an powerful space where people gather and learn from wellness leaders and others who have already been there and done that. You’re shown and are encouraged to integrate, in real time, a process for life change you are introduced to at the event.

You may wonder, how is this different from a health expo or a two hour workshop? The Retreat is a powerful three day fully hands-on immersive retreat where 80% of the programming is experiential, incorporates the outdoors and team interaction, accountability and not talking heads where all you do is listen. You learn and grow by taking part in finding solutions and building your mind muscle, confidence, awareness and action plan. Over 16 programming tracks planned over three days to take your from okay to outstanding! While at the Retreat you will also be able to take part of the ongoing Festival for Change taking place simultaneously.

You return from the weekend with your process already begun, road already built. You are better prepared for a new you.


A new beginning
Sunrise wellness activities to clear your mind


We are not on this Earth alone. Although ‘aloneness’ is something that quiets the mind, we are still all interconnected in the same energetic space. You have the ability to positively (or negatively) influence the space of others, but in several lifetimes you will never transform yourself unless you are open to change, and open to taking the action to trying something you never heard about or believed possible. For others you can provide them a platform for learning and growth, but their journey is one for them alone to choose.

At the Festival like-minded individuals, healers, practitioners, spiritual guides, healthcare providers, world record holders who have performed beyond all human capacity before them, and caregivers are available to you. This large outdoor space is surrounded by nature, the healing powers of the mineral springs, and resides beneath tall majestic pines. Expand your knowledge in complementary and integrative health and medicine, receive assessments and treatments, connect with others who share in your interests, compassion, quest, discover items conducive to your healing, peace of mind, reminds and surrounds you in a positive and healing energy.

Meditate and free your mind
The moments that make up your life begin within

If you’re considering becoming a healer or involved in the field of health, wellness and spirit this is a place you want to be. Look at this trend report..

Today, every leading medical center either has, or is planning, a wellness/complementary/integrative center – a long overdue paradigm shift. Recent medical discoveries around epigenetics and neuroplasticity indicate that the world’s physical and mental health could be transformed by good wellness behaviors like diet, exercise and mindfulness, and also mean that integration will only quicken.” Global Wellness Summit 2016.

Another element of the Festival is vibrational sound and movement. Why is it such an important part of wellness? The human body is not meant to be sedentary. To be stronger in every way you must fine tune and treat your mind, body and spirit as a sacred temple. From yoga, meditation, musical performances, dance, cultural performance, drum circles, shamanic and crystal ceremonies, hikes, and the energetic vibration nature it’s all available to you at the Festival.

If you care about those who depend on you whether you are a parent or guardian, looking after a parent; if you care about your own health and future; if you’re concerned with where you are now or where you could be a few years from now; or if you’re faced with internal or physical challenges, the Retreat and Festival is where the first day of the rest of your life begins!