Your Role in Natural Health, Wellness and Spiritual Healing

Sometimes you just need to quiet the mind
Quieting the mind

Awakened individuals are moving towards a stronger desire to achieve higher consciousness. As we seek inter-connectivity between our inner light, spirit and humanity we discover just how elusive finding meaning in everyday life has been.

Interested in getting involved in integrated medicine, energy or vibrational healing, life coaching, allied healthcare, etc.? Gain important insights into what it takes to be a qualified healer and practitioner, and how to succeed.

  • Learn how to become someone who can serve the greater good;
  • Make a living by helping others; and
  • Feel good about what you do for a living as you awaken those you bring into the light and carry them forth.


Powermastery opens the chapters and takes you on an all access exercise with windows wide open as your periscope to the business of natural health, wellness and spirit.

Healing hands

You will construct your first working template on getting involved in the profession of wellness and health while at the Retreat! You'll finish with having a blueprint to show how you will begin and how you will arrive at where you want to be even before the conclusion of an information packed weekend of immersive workshops.

The Retreat program is poised to serve you, your visions, hopes, dreams and aspirations to make the world a better place by guiding, helping and healing others in the process.