Find Your Purpose & Meaning

Peace, serenity, calm and completeness
Unlocking The Keys To Self And Peace

When you reach for the stars and shut out the distractions including fear, anxiety, and despair you fill your life with hope and promise. When you fill your life with love it becomes the engine that motivates and carries you through the toughest of challenges and obstacles to give you a sense of being unstoppable.

Every so often we loose connection with that love for ourselves or what we give to others. Love may not always be the answer, although it is the fuel that ignites our lives, it helps us arrive at the answers, and is the company we often seek. There is so much at stake you might not be aware of that this gift is one where the beauty can never be diminished unless you allow it to.

At the Retreat love with find its way to you, it will open doors you never thought existed, and it will challenge any skeptic and elevate anyone who has felt lost or alone.

We often undertake a mountain of challenges and when done often we ask "Is that it?" We feel lost, disappointed, or unfulfilled even though we have generated positive outcomes we should be celebrating.

Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it

You can accomplish and complete with a sense of victory, gratitude and progress with what you set off to complete. The psychology of cognitive dissonance asks of you to follow through. We crave that feeling we mean something or know what we do has meaning. It is sad there many whom suffer from depression, anxiety, feeling helpless, lost or rejected, lack of worth or deep guilt in feeling they have failed which sometimes is exacerbated by bullying, dehumanization, pressure, or lack of appreciation or feedback.

We hear recounts of people reflecting on their own lives whether their life had any meaning, or if it made a difference. There is a never ending search to feel complete in a world seeking humanity and compassion. There is an emptiness in the lives of those who keep trying but still remain a boat without a rudder. Do you know someone with suicidal thoughts, feel disconnected or that they are no longer part of humanity or the community? Would you like to live more mindfully and completely?

Connect with like minded souls and discover your purpose on this Earth
You are not alone

Powermastery helps you build a platform for meaning for yourself and for helping others, in recognizing barriers and pathways to breakthrough. The Retreat reveals what translates into a sense satisfaction with a purpose you control and define on your own terms, instead of living a life based on the opinions and expectations of others.

At the Retreat you find meaning in what you do on a daily basis and understand why you do it. Exercises to help you unlock a sense of closure in what you do, and how to get to that space where you can celebrate your wins and accomplishments in a manner that serves your soul, not depletes it or has you giving up.

Most of the workshops are completely immersive and practical with hands-on workshops as its driving force. They are not about someone talking at you, nor programs filled with fluff and no substance. Become more aware, engage your higher consciousness and build new tomorrows based on how to mobilize at the speed of thought while quieting the limiting thoughts that control progress.