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About three doctors ago I began a life of blood tests. It was because the blood work showed my cholesterol a bit on the high side, about 220 – 230.

The first thing the doctor suggested was I go on a statin medication, I asked how that would work, and he said I would take one pill a day. I asked for how long? The doctor told me it would be indefinite. Well, what the heck does that mean? It meant, for the rest of my life.

Let me say I am not the type of person who even easily takes OTC pain killers unless absolutely necessary. So when I heard from a doctor I had to take four blood tests a year to monitor my cholesterol, and subscribe to a drug for the rest of my life I began questioning whether there was another way. The doctor was silent on the alternatives issue.

I left the doctor after a few short years but not until I amassed records of blood tests that I insisted I’d only take three times a year. You know what the cholesterol reading was, despite having refused to take a statin? About 211 – 230. I tried something the doctor never even considered telling me about .. exercise!

Okay, next doctor. Unbelievable, same old song and dance. He got about one year from me. I also rejected taking statins. This is now about five years total between two doctors. My cholesterol levels still about same. I also supplemented with niacin, red rice yeast, etc.

Third doctor. He found the levels to be high as well BUT he said I would be able to lower if I tried diet and more exercise. Now he’s talking. The good cholesterol rose, and the bad lowered or stayed the same. The bottomline is the numbers have not changed in about 10 years. I learned that levels are different for each person, and sometimes the level you have is body regulates it.. so if you go low your body will do things that raise it, and vice a versa. I’m still alive, climbing mountains, play ball and hike better than some 20 years younger than myself. The doctors not worried about my cholesterol anymore and neither am I.

Another issue came up as my diet began indulging in the deadly sin of sugars. My blood sugars of course rose. I was sent to a nutritionist to see how to battle it because I was at then risk for diabetes at the numbers – by the way the standards were just revised. Meaning those safe levels is like playing football where the other team is constantly moving the goal posts. I looked up how to lower my blood sugar. Wouldn’t you know it, one item that it mentioned to avoid I ate every day! I cut it completely out of my diet. By the time I went to see the nutritionist, she took a blood sample. It showed me as falling from “at risk for diabetes” to “normal” but still high. What else? I lost 10 pounds in two weeks!

What did I learn from all this? There is a safer, cheaper and more effective way to stay healthy, avoid problems without first having to medicate for the rest of your life, and a very easy way to loose weight (I never gained it back.. but I also did not drop any lower).

Now, I’ve brought this lesson I’ve learned and what others can share with you at our Powermastery Empowerment Retreat with you how so you too can effectively lose weight, avoid or lessen the risk of diabetes and heart disease with easy to do strategies that won’t deliver you the potential of long term side effects, costs or accepting that there is only one way to tackle your health and wellness, diet and fitness concerns.

Over 80% of the Retreat is experiential. That means you will learn by doing, or beginning to structure your life, schedule and routine. You’ll learn and do what you should be as far as fitness and exercise while at the Retreat so you don’t have to try  to remember what that was that the faculty told you about at some presentation.. because I believe that you will learn and get better results if I had you do what you’re taught or construct a game plan with a network of those like yourself who will help you begin and accountable to staying on track.