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Do you or someone you know struggle with a debilitating condition whether chronic pain, diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer or emotional distress?

After watching so many loved ones and friends struggle with their wellness, medical condition, face making a choice between a treatment that could lead to death or suffer indefinitely and take the chance to suffer through what you have, or just give up; we felt it important to reveal little known techniques and treatments that have worked for others as complimentary methods to health and wellness from dealing with what you have from causation, and not jut treating a symptom or outcome.

There are eye opening insights you need to know about that are organic non-invasive and may come without, or few, side effects as some prescription medications and treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, do.

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Traditional medicine sometimes doesn't work effectively. There is no one pill that treats everyone the same way and has the same side effects or precautions. Some of the medications people are prescribed to may keep you on a lifetime of medication dependency. The risks may include a build up in your system leading to other issues, or potential negative side effects on your mind, body and spirit.

Results show there is more than one way to heal, more than one form of treatment and many paths to recovery versus a lifelong dependency on drugs that just keep you status quo. The technique and formula that works best is dependent on the individual but isn't it safe to say not everyone is an expert in all things and solutions.

It's best to start someone on a regimen of diet and exercise FIRST. Then supplements or homeopathy before the more invasive, side effect loaded or potentially dangerous means. Other solutions include energy healing, acupuncture, Chinese herbal and Ayurvedic medicine, therapy, etc. It makes sense to take this course of action first and then if these organic pathways don't work then an allied approach including medication may be necessary.

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At our Powermastery Empowerment Retreat (April 28 - 30, 2016) you are introduced to a holistic approach to integrative and complimentary medicine. You learn how allied health can be augmented by nutrition, diet, mental attitude, attitude, belief, homeopathy, etc. The Retreat also provides you a proverbial tool belt of insights, practical processes, and strategies to feel alive again despite the challenges you encounter.

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