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There are things you may not believe will work or result in the outcome you want even before trying, so you don't. There is a wise quote that says "Whether you believe it won't work or it will, you're right" (paraphrased). Being irrational is judging an outcome before it has happened. Yet so many people stop short of the mark, losing their momentum, focus and summarily giving up. Being mindful you become aware, being aware yet being able to let go is a stepping stone to being enlightened.

Some of the many metaphorical exercises we do at the Retreat is a spoon bending and board breaking. For those who have not done it they think it impossible or they can't, and for others its a gimmick. Let me ask you, if I showed you that anyone can make $500 in less than five minutes with no money, investment nor commitment, would you believe me? The short answer is yes you can (and I can prove it), the longer answer abbreviated is that if you don't even try its not going to happen. How? Ever win the lottery, without buying the ticket? Right.

Do you know anyone who seemed at wits end trying to get something done or figure out where to start yet somehow as much as they try they hit a wall and get no further. Everything they do seems futile and hopeless. All of a sudden when they give up and throw a 'Hell Mary Pass' just as a last ditch effort so they can move on, there is a breakthrough. Have you ever wondered why this happens at zero hour and on your final attempt?

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Mindful living is about living in the moment, to be present and to acknowledge the yin and yang must exist for their to be balance in your own life while recognizing what is wonderful great in your life has meaning yet cannot exist without suffering as a point of reference.

Powermastery has invited spiritual guides, healers, intuitives and others who are in touch with the metaphysical side of science - where the unexplained thrives and heals yet the miracle breakthroughs can't be explained easily through science, yet it works. If something works and nothing else has then why would we not want to apply it?

We pull back the curtain and provide you a personal backstage tour into your mind and how people are able to create what others call miracles, the ability to touch the energetic or spirit world. If you thought you've tried 'everything' and they haven't worked, don't work well, or have side effects.. perhaps its time to change the meaning of insanity and look into complimentary modalities of healing and treatment.

How much is it worth to relieve or reduce chronic pain and suffering without the use of drugs or invasive procedures?

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How much is it worth for you to achieve more positive outcomes in your life with less effort?

Perhaps, its finding or establishing a re-connection? Yes, it can be done. Powermastery provides the tools and insight to tackling head on what someone will claim is impossible. Perhaps it can be explained as angels protecting and watching over us, but let's look at it as there are treatments and paths to healing that defy logic and even science but they work. Why else would individuals involve themselves in placing their faith and challenges in the hands of a higher power?


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