Without the support and contribution of these incredible volunteers the Festival would not have run as smoothly. For the hours, travel and time these fearless warriors of humanity have put in let us tip our hats to:


Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it



Josh Byrne – Outdoor guide, mountainman, backpacker and survivalist.




Toni Cohen


Toni Cohen – Retired public school teacher and part time cat sitter in downtown, NYC (www.katieskitty.com – request Toni).




Leonard DiLisio


Leonard DiLisio – Retired teacher of Russian and French. Volunteer at the Saratoga Visitor Center, Saratoga Hospital, and Saratoga History Museum.



Evan Lawrence


Evan Lawrence – Professional gardener, a veteran free-lance journalist specializing in sustainability, independent distributor of Shaklee healthy living products, a Reiki II practitioner, and soon starting classes for massage therapy. Evan’s website is healthyevan.myshaklee.com.



Trent Millet


Trent Millet – Founder of the Water Witch. Mineral Springs tour guide and holistic health lecturer





Elisa Tang – Producer at Time Inc, humanist and lover of life and the spirit of love